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How the August 2022 elections will impact Real estate market in Garissa.

Garissa is considered one of the strongholds of Azimio One Kenya party according to Infotrak polls conducted on the 8th June 2022.There are many issues in the county that need to be addressed especially security by leaders who want to be elected in the August polls. We want to look at how some of this issues affect the real estate market in Garissa and how politicians may address them whichever side wins.

Facts about Garissa

Garissa County is located in the former North Eastern Province of Kenya. It has six constituencies: Garissa Township, Ijara, Dadaab, Lagdera, Fafi and Balambala. The area is hot and dry much of the year, receiving scarce rainfall in the range of 150mm – 300mm annually. Frequent droughts and unreliable rains do not favor agriculture activities or livestock rearing because it does not get enough rain for crops to grow. The only permanent natural source of water for Garissa town and surrounding areas is Tana River which runs along western boundary of the county. Seasonal Rivers provide water during wet season for both human and livestock although they greatly interfere with road transportation.

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Places to visit in Garissa

Some of the best places to visit in Garissa are:

  • Arawale National Reserve

Major attractions here include wildlife such as the hirola, elephants, girrafes, cheetahs, buffalos and diverse species of birds.

  • Boni National Reserve
  • Garissa Community Giraffe Sanctuary
  • Nomad Palace Hotel
  • Almond Resort
  • Lantern Resort
  • Tana Garden Hotel

Garissa Town

A poor place that is marginalized in many ways, Garissa nevertheless remains home to a dominant ethnic group. Although Garissa does not have the resources enjoyed by other parts of Kenya, when outside investment and development has reached Garissa, there have been tensions. East Africa’s largest proposed infrastructure project, the Lamu Port South Sudan Ethiopian Transport (LAPSSET) Corridor passes through Garissa. As land along the route has become more valuable, it has become a bone of contention.

Insecurity is at high level in Garissa town which has scared investors from investing in the account affecting the real estate market in Garissa in a big way. In some cases, government has ordered curfews in the town to tackle insecurity. Aspiring leaders at the county and national level in the August 2022 general elections in Kenya have a big responsibility to tackle the menace if elected.

Estates in Garissa

Some of the estates in Garissa include:

  • Bura
  • Daadab
  • Danyere
  • Ijara
  • Sangailu
  • Fafi

The Garissa real estate market

The real estate market has been rising steadily over the last few years due to various economic activities practiced in the county in the mining, tourism and manufacturing sector.

Raila Odinga has promised Garissa residents a number of things some of which will improve the real estate market in Garissa if implemented. Odinga claimed that he was behind the idea of tarmacking of Garissa-Nuno-Modogashe road adding that if elected he will ensure completion of the road to Mandera.

On the other hand, in an economic forum with Garissa residents, DP William Ruto asked Garissa residents to look for their interests in leaders before anything else. He has promised the residents that he will tarmac unfinished road projects which have not been completed under President Uhuru Kenyatta’s second term in office. This aims to at least improve the real estate market in Garissa.

Hotels in Garissa

Tourism activities in Garissa have led to increased demand for hotel accommodation facilities in the county.

Some of the best hotels in Garissa include:

  • Palm Oasis Resort
  • White Rose Hotel
  • Halugo Palace Hotel
  • Nomad Palace Hotel

Roads in Garissa

The Horn of Africa Gateway Development Project will open up the region and spur economic development in Northeastern Kenya. The project that started in January 2022 will see four counties of Garissa, Wajir, Isiolo and Mandera benefit from easier ICT access for their citizens. It will also help speed travel and movement of goods across borders with Ethiopia and Sudan as well as Somalia.

Construction sector in Garissa

Despite less construction activities in the county, Garissa boasts some good construction companies that have shaped the real estate market in Garissa. Residents in the county hope that the government that will be formed after the August pills will provide a conducive environment for setting up of construction companies that will improve real estate market in the region.

In the recent past, Garissa residents have been urged to cooperate with contractors working on state projects. Garissa County Commissioner Boaz Cherutich said incidents of obstruction are on the rise. He said some residents have put up illegal structures on land designated for the LAPSSET project. Instead of making sure their village gets a fair share of government funds, some people are trying to cheat the system by erecting buildings on routes where roads will be built. Residents have always complained about lack of compensation in cases where they lose their properties or land to development projects. This has been the major obstruction to development projects


With both top presidential candidates promising better infrastructure to spur real estate market in Garissa, some of this implementations will also be determined by who the residents of the county elect at the grassroots level.

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