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Real Estate companies in Kenya.

Real estate companies in Kenya activity’s develop quickly and, therefore, the number of best real estate companies in Kenya increased. This is due to the margin of high school students carried out in   Kenya real estate activities.

This article will examine the full list of the best real estate management companies in Kenya. It is important to note that most land sales companies in Kenya are based in Nairobi.

1. Knight Frank.

Knight Frank is one of the main real estate companies in Kenya, and its main headquarters is in London. Established in 1896, guarantees the highest level of consistency and quality by providing advisory services for both commercial real estate and residential real estate.

The Real Estate Company has the largest clients in Kenya, such as the British high commissioner, Price Water Cooper, and Safaricom. Knight Frank offers a wide range of services to real estate clients as follows. Factory and Research Consultant Project Management of Project Asset Management Evaluation Agency Knight Frank is also known for providing real estate work in Kenya.

2. Hass consult.

Hass consult is one of Nairobi’s best real estate companies. We provide investment development in the city. Most of the properties are high-end and guarantee high benefits of capital and rent. Hass Consultant is one of the best real estate companies in Kenya. The service includes the following:

Real Estate Market Research Properties and Installation Management Assets Evaluation Real estate sales and enrollment as an additional advantage, we provide a Hass index. Hass Index is a real estate price published in Kenya.

3. Optiven enterprise.

The registered real estate institution of Nairobi and one of the top real estate companies in Kenya. It is mainly known for buying land between intermediate and almost income. One of the best real estate buyers in Kenya, Optiven Enterprise, has issued more than 5,479 title certificates throughout Kenya. The agency was able to win 10 awards while providing services to more than 5,000 customers. The last project includes the Victory de Kitengela Garden, Joy Bojoi de Machakos, and Kajiado Chekina Garden

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4. Diamond properties.

Diamond Properties has wealth for several people and companies. There is a team from a dedicated property administrator that always calls. Diamond’s properties are one of Kenya’s best real estate companies.

More than 3200 title certificates have been issued in phase 47 of the completed project. Experts are online 24 hours a day. Therefore, you can always get help.

5. Villa Care.

Villa Care Kenya is a real estate management company in Kenya and a real estate agency. This is the best real estate companies in Kenya. The company offers both houses and commercial real estate with a personalized approach.

 Other services include the promotion of a joint company between owners and financial companies. The unique proposal of this real estate agency is to provide an innovative marketing strategy to customers.

6.West Kenya Real Estate Ltd.

West Kenya Real Estate company is one of the topmost growing real estate companies in Kenya that provides excellent services on construction, management, property letting, property sales, and property valuation services across the country.

 Their main office is located in Kisumu city. They have professionals who provide the best quality services at affordable amounts They have offices in Kisumu and Nairobi.

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West Kenya real estate company has eight years of experience in the real estate market providing a variety of services such as construction in the western and Nyanza regions of Kenya, management, property letting, property sales, and property valuation. We have the best team that ensures all the services are operating on quality. We are located at Kisumu, Cairo road, behind Xaverian Primary school next to  Hare Krishna Temple Milimani. Talk to us today about your next project. You can reach us on call/SMS/WhatsApp via +254789 217 685 / +254 724 481 087.

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