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How to Choose House Plans Kenya

Have you been having difficulties in looking for house plans in Kenya? Conceivably this is a first-time searched for a house plan in Kenya. It is delightful to get onto this page. Besides offering house designs in Kenya and the cost of constructing them we also offer advice on choosing a good house plan that meets your projections.

 In searching for a house plan, one should have in mind a couple of things regarding your plan. In the event of searching for cheap house plans in Kenya or a luxurious one, these points would be helpful.

What to have in mind when searching for a house plan Kenya

  1. Land Size

The Scale of the land will help you in determining the architectural drawings to choose. A land with smaller dimensions will instantly give the owner an idea of a maisonette to recover lost space.

  • House Size

This is usually determined by; the land percentage space of a house occupying the land and the availability of finances and the space selection of the owner.It won’t matter whether you choose a three bedroom house or two bedroom hose plan In Kenya.

  • The Number of rooms

The number of rooms will depend on the current or expected size of the family in future. When settling for a retirement home, your plan should be preferable to a small house or a house with few units. If you intend to have a larger family then increase the room number.

  • The desired shape of the house

Reflect on your desired shape for your house before consulting for house plans Kenya. We guarantee you the best drawing since we have a variety of desired shapes for everyone.

  • Fixtures and  electrical provisions

One has to consider the type of lighting they prefer for the house, the positioning and styling of the switches, and the sanitary installation. Usually, we advise the clients to do the architectural plan, mechanical planning to cover plumbing issues and electrical drawing to get a clear picture of where the installations will be fixed.

  • Room requirements

A house plan Kenya should give you a precise plan design for room provisions. For example, the kitchen should have a countertop, space for the cooker, pantry fridge shelves etc. Some spaces will require more space depending on the type of appliances.

A client should look up specific provisions they prefer in every single room of the house. We take note of every client’s specifications and capture them in our plans. We have the flexibility to handle any house design Kenya required.

  • Safety And Security

Our clients’ safety is highly taken into consideration and we, therefore, put up the best plan measures on the drawings. The use of high-quality fixtures is highly recommended when planning this includes fixing heavy steel doors and windows held up with metallic grills placed on the insides of both the doors and windows. Getting our clients a house design is a delightful pleasure since we cover for our clients safety and their security on the plans to be able to ensure their property.

Are you looking for a 3 bedroom plan house in Kenya or seeking a house plan? You can be sure to consider us for your house plan Kenya needs. Our plans are;

  • Distinctive and elegant
  • We have a resourceful team of professionals and widely experienced architects
  • We are resilient; have the potential to listen and draw a plan of your choice
  • We are standard and  economical
  • We offer detailed floor and roof plans

Features you will find in any house plan Kenya from us.

The common features in house designs in Kenya include; the lounge preferably as a sunken lounge, standard bedrooms with or with no drops, master bedroom with walk-in closets or no, a kitchen most usually with a serving hatch a counter and cabinets to the dining room, washrooms, laundry area, modern roofing and porches either on the front or back or both porches.

Some of the other features include the pantry, balconies, family rooms, study rooms, garage and casement windows for the kitchen, and a lounge among other features. Which other feature do u desire apart from the above? We can add it to your list of plans.

 Models of House Plans Kenya and Designs

We offer one bedroom house plans in Kenya, Two bedroom plans in Kenya, Three bedroom house plan in Kenya, Four bedroom house plan in Kenya and Five bedroom houses in Kenya

 We also provide house plans for house plans in Kenya, maisonette house plans in Kenya, mansion house plans in Kenya, bungalow house plans in Kenya, commercial buildings house plans in Kenya and luxurious house plans in Kenya . Story house plans in Kenya is also available.

Contact us today for any of the listed designs and more of the ones not listed above of your choice and we will gladly help you on that just for you.

 Frequent questions we get from our clients.

  1. What is the House plan?

A house plan is an architectural drawing showing how a house will look from all sides, the arrangement of rooms inside and their sizes and construction details a building contractor Kenya will use when doing construction.

  • How much does it cost to build a three or four bedroom house in Kenya?

This question has no direct answer. Several factors will define the cost of a three or four-bedroom house. You need to determine what materials you will use, the nature of the foundation, size of the rooms and house among other factors to get an estimate of the cost.

  • Why should I use you as my building contractor?

We have a large construction team able to deliver a project on time and to the standards required. We do FREE house plans for all our construction clients. We also assist with obtaining approvals from government agencies.

  • 4.       Is the cost of the project inclusive of labour?

Normally materials and labour costs constitute a project cost. Both material and labour are a percentage of the project cost. Materials cost usually accounts for 60-75% of the project cost while labour accounts for 25-40%.