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Where to find cheap house designs in Kenya

The importance of cheap house designs in Kenya cannot be underestimated given the desire to own homes and the lack of finances. This makes affordable house designs in Kenya of paramount importance. Some of the reasons of the importance include:

  1. Mitigating the Housing Crisis

Kenya faces a significant housing shortage, particularly in urban areas, where the demand for housing far exceeds the available supply. Affordable house designs provide a solution to this crisis by enabling more people to have access to decent and affordable homes.

It helps in bridging the housing gap and reduces the prevalence of informal settlements and slums. This is why many people and organizations are out looking for cheap house designs in Kenya in a bid to mitigate this nationwide crisis.

  • Economic Empowerment

Affordable or cheap house designs contribute to economic empowerment by making homeownership or renting more attainable for a larger segment of the population. When individuals and families can secure affordable housing options, they can allocate their resources towards other essential needs such as education, healthcare, and starting businesses. This, in turn, stimulates economic growth and improves overall living standards.

  • Socioeconomic Stability

Adequate housing is a fundamental pillar of socioeconomic stability. Affordable house designs in Kenya provide stability by offering secure and affordable shelter to individuals and families. This stability translates into better health outcomes, improved educational opportunities for children, and enhanced overall well-being. It fosters social cohesion and strengthens communities.

  • Sustainable Urban Development

Affordable house designs promote sustainable urban development by reducing urban sprawl and overcrowding. When affordable housing options are available within or near urban centers, it reduces the need for long commutes and eases the strain on transportation infrastructure. It also encourages the efficient use of resources and supports the development of environmentally friendly housing practices.

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  • Poverty Alleviation

Affordable house designs play a significant role in poverty alleviation. By providing affordable housing options, individuals and families are lifted out of extreme poverty and provided with a stable foundation from which they can pursue opportunities for upward mobility. Affordable housing acts as a stepping stone towards economic self-sufficiency and reduces the cycle of generational poverty.

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Affordable house designs in Kenya address the pressing need for accessible housing, promote economic empowerment, contribute to socioeconomic stability, foster sustainable development, and alleviate poverty. By ensuring that housing options are affordable, equitable, and well-designed, Kenya can create a stronger foundation for its citizens and drive overall progress and development in the country.

Sources and tips for finding cheap house designs

When it comes to finding cheap house designs in Kenya, there are several sources and tips you can consider. Here are some valuable sources and tips to help you in your search:


  1. Online House Design Platforms and Websites

Explore online platforms and websites that specialize in affordable house designs. These platforms often offer a wide range of designs at various price points. Examples of popular online platforms include West Kenya Real Estate House Plan Shop, Pinterest, Marble Engineering House Plans Shop and architectural websites that provide affordable house plans. Utilize search filters on these platforms to narrow down your options based on size, style, and budget.

  • Local Architectural Firms

Reach out to local architectural firms that may offer affordable house design services. Some architectural firms specialize in designing cost-effective homes without compromising on quality and functionality.

Research and inquire about firms that have experience in designing affordable housing or have worked on projects with limited budgets. Some design and build firms operate a shop section where they display plans, some are cheap house designs while others are for high end house designs.

  • Government Initiatives and Programs

Stay informed about government initiatives and programs aimed at promoting affordable housing. Governments often have affordable housing programs or subsidies that include house designs suitable for different budget ranges.

Check with local authorities, housing agencies, and the Ministry of Housing for information on such programs and the associated house designs.

  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

Look for NGOs that focus on affordable housing and provide house design solutions. These organizations may offer resources, guidance, and sometimes even pre-designed house plans that cater to different budget constraints.

You can research with reputable NGOs that are actively involved in affordable housing projects and reach out to them for assistance. Some of them may have some good design ideas and plans which can be a foundation of what you want to achieve.

  • Collaborative Design Platforms

Consider utilizing collaborative design platforms that connect homeowners with architects and designers. These platforms facilitate affordable house designs by enabling direct collaboration between homeowners and design professionals.

They often provide cost-effective design options and personalized solutions tailored to specific budgets.


  • DIY and Prefabricated House Designs

Explore the option of do-it-yourself (DIY) house designs or prefabricated house designs, which can be more cost-effective compared to traditional construction. DIY designs allow you to take a more hands-on approach, reducing labor costs. This approach is not highly recommended because the consent of do-it-yourself will most likely produce very basic and unprofessional work.

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Prefabricated house designs offer pre-made components that can be assembled on-site, saving time and money. This however offers a good alternative because it’s done with professionals and also possesses the chance of minimizing the cost of the house.

  • Local Communities and Word of Mouth

Engage with local communities and networks to gather information on cheap house designs. Word of mouth can be a valuable source of recommendations for architects, designers, or contractors who offer affordable house design services.

  • Cost-Effective Design Tips:

Optimize the use of space to minimize construction costs. Incorporate energy-efficient features and sustainable design principles to reduce long-term operational costs.

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Use locally available and cost-effective building materials. Prioritize functionality and prioritize essential spaces to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Remember, finding cheap house designs require thorough research, careful planning, and consideration of your specific budget and requirements. By exploring different sources, seeking professional advice, and incorporating cost-effective design principles, you can discover affordable house designs that meet your needs without compromising on quality.


In conclusion, finding cheap house designs in Kenya is a crucial step towards addressing the housing challenges faced by many. Throughout this article, we have explored various sources and tips to guide you in your search for affordable house designs. Here are the key points to remember:

  • Cheap house designs are essential in mitigating the housing crisis, promoting economic empowerment, ensuring socioeconomic stability, supporting sustainable urban development, and alleviating poverty.
  • Online platforms, local architectural firms, government initiatives, NGOs, collaborative design platforms, and DIY/prefabricated options are valuable sources for finding cheap house designs.
  • It is important to explore different options and resources, such as online platforms, local architects, and government programs, to find the best fit for your budget and needs.
  • Balancing affordability with quality and functionality is crucial. Consider optimizing space utilization, incorporating energy-efficient features, and using cost-effective materials.
  • Prioritize thorough research, seek professional advice when needed, and engage with local communities to gather recommendations.

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In closing, I encourage you to explore the diverse options and resources available for finding cheap house designs in Kenya. Take advantage of online platforms, connect with local architects, inquire about government initiatives, and explore collaborative design platforms. Remember to strike a balance between affordability, quality, and functionality in your house design choices. By considering these factors and being proactive in your search, you can find affordable house designs that fulfill your housing aspirations.

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