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Are you looking for where to download som 4 bedroom house plans in Kenya PDF for your next project?

As the journey of building a home becomes more stressful, hundreds of people will shy away from it. Many sources of knowledge like 4 bedroom house plans in Kenya pdf will advise accordingly on how to build houses cheaply. It will talk about experts who will also deliver the desired house at a cheaper cost. By researching, we gain knowledge that will help us identify fraud hands of contractors who will only want to suck our money.

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The 4 bedroom house plans in Kenya pdf sources will educate us on several issues, in this article, we will see how we can come up with an approximate cost of building a house. There is no fixed price for building a house particular house. Several factors must be weighed so that the approximate can be generated.


Size of the floor

this is the area covered by the house. If person A builds a 4 bedroom house of 149 square meters and person B of 200 square meters. Person A is likely to build the house cheaply. If the 4 bedroom house plans in Kenya pdf puts the range of building at Ksh. 30,000 – 70,000 per square meter, both of them to be put on a budget of 40,000, person A will build the house with a cost of Ksh. 5,960,000 and person B will use 8,000,000. Therefore, if the house size is smaller, the cost decreases.

The plan

The plan of the house will also determine the cost of the building. 4 bedroom house plans in Kenya pdf will talk of two types of houses, mansions, and bungalows. The two houses will differ in terms of structure, which alone brings the difference in construction cost. Builders will spend more on the foundation cost of a mansion than that of a bungalow. Similarly, they will also spend more on the roofing cost of a bungalow than a mansion. Such differences will bring variations in cost.


Nature of location;

4 bedroom house plans in Kenya pdf will talk about the distance from the nearest source of material, the type of soil, and the nature of the land. Trucks are calculated according to the number of feet they cover. For example, one foot is Ksh.40. This varies with the location. Therefore, if the house is built in the interior, the transportation cost will be higher, making the general construction cost expensive.

It will be expensive to build a house in black cotton soil. A deeper foundation will have to be dug, 4 bedroom house plans in Kenya pdf will encourage to build a house on firm red loam soil. Also, if the house is built on flat land cost is cheap. The nature of the land, that is, if the land is sloppy, hilly, flat, or swampy. The swampy area will cost more since it will require excess material to form a base where the foundation will be laid.

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The budget

Above all, 4 bedroom house plans in Kenya pdf will encourage you to build a house within the range of your budget. It will relieve you from the stress of having to start a house and stopping later because of insufficient funds. Therefore, building a house reflecting the size of your budget will be a great move.


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