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How to cheaply build a house in Kenya.

Building a house is costly especially with the tough economical situation in the country right now. Building costs vary with various factors like the location of the site of construction, the house design, and the construction materials.

This has made many people settle in rental homes as tenants, especially in major cities in the country.

Constructing a house in Kenya can cost a lot in terms of time and money investments however the construction cost may vary on the location, the house design to be built, and the costs of the construction materials specification.
A major population dwelling in major towns in Kenya prefers to rent. Although a number of them prefer their own private residential homes. Residential property ownership can be achieved in only two ways buying an already constructed home or building a home of your own.


The average cost of building a house in Kenya

As stated above, the average cost of building a home in Kenya varies from location to location and the square meters. Other dependable factors can be,
i) Typography of the land
ii) The size of the house
iii) Material specification
iv) The house design
A specific example is that person A and B are building a four-bedroom house in Kenya, of the same design, the same construction materials used, and that the only difference is that A is building the house in Kosele, and B is building in Kisumu.
It would cost person A way less than it would for person B to construct the house. This is because most of the construction materials required can be found around the area at an affordable cost.

How do you build cheaply in Kenya?

This is how you can build a cheap house in Kenya without compromising on the quality, safety and comfort of the family

When budgeting for building a home, consider the following to come up with an affordable budget for the project:

• Which size and design of the house are you planning to construct? Note that, the more the square footage, the more the costs.
•Have the knowledge of how much it will cost per square footage. You can do this by bench-marking on a house with similar features to the one you want to build. Get the total value used, less the cost of land, and divide the balance with the square footage of the house.
• Types of external and internal features you want. To build a cheap house in Kenya, you might want to consider reducing the number of doors and windows.
• Which quality of finishes are you looking for? Averagely, it will cost approximately 40, 000Ksh per square meter for an average finishing and about Ksh. 65,000 for high-quality finishes.

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How to build an inexpensive house in Kenya.

How to build a cheap house in Kenya considering the increment in cost of construction materials on daily basis?

This is not tough, a large number of people take it as using low-quality materials makes it cheap to construct a house in Kenya. This will depend on the guide you will use to cut down several unimportant inputs on construction to be able to limit the cost of construction without compromising on the quality. This is a simple breakdown guide on how to build a house cheaply in Kenya

1. Go for a simple house design

When deciding to build a cheap house in Kenya, you should select a simple house plan in Kenya according to the size of the land so as to save on planning and construction costs. Also, it is advisable to select a simple floor plan that is easy a d less costly to construct. You can choose on a bungalow or maisonette but also avoid intricate rooflines.

2. Consider the size of the house

The size of the house majorly depends on the size of the house you want to build. Building a cheap house in Kenya will require one to select less square footage which will be easy and cheap to maintain.

3. Go for a multi-story house

Building a tall house also is a way of getting a cheap house in Kenya. A multi-story house has the same living, the issue is in the foundation but it will cut on roofing costs since the roof will be much smaller

4. Instead of a wood cabinet, go for open shelves

Wood finishes are more elegance to open shelves but one can save by going for open shelves steel cabinets. Include frosted glass doors to enhance its appearance.

5. Recycling 

During construction, one does not have to buy all the materials needed. A cheap and more affordable way are to recycle. You can also go for second-hand construction material that are cheaper.

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